Ah, the great battle between glasses and contact lenses. There are fierce supporters on both sides of this war, with each having their pros and cons. The biggest benefit of glasses for most people is that they are hassle-free and are typically cheaper than contact lenses in the long run.

However, given the recent developments in the eye care field, you may be surprised at how comfortable, convenient and affordable contacts can be. And, just like with eyeglass frames, today there are a wide range of options for contact lenses so you can give your eyes exactly what they need. Of particular interest to many are new lines of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses which allow you to put on a fresh, new pair each morning and toss at night!


- Freedom for All with a New Lens Feeling Every Day
  • Stable; won’t shift or fall off as with glasses
  • Won’t fog up
  • Can we worn under protective eyewear
  • Travel without having to pack solution
- No Stress, No Mess
  • Every day starts with a brand new pair
  • No cleaning or disinfecting
  • All day comfort and all day wear

If Daily Disposable Contact Lenses sound interesting to you, we are encourage you to click on one of the banners and see how you can qualify for a Free 30 Day Trial