Our Goal

Simply put:  To provide you with “Information for life.”  How will we achieve this goal?  We will attempt to explain each topic in a simple, yet effective manner.  You shouldn’t need a degree in the subjects we cover in order to acquire the information you need to progress in today’s society.  We have found that almost every subject we cover can be written and explained in a way that your average-joe can easily digest.

Who Are We?

We are a team of reputable writers and bloggers who wanted to use our expertise to aid people in making life decisions.  Like most everyone out there, we have had to learn the hard way, between smart and not-so-smart decisions.  By chronicling are experiences and knowledge, we hope to help and possibly even entertain our readers who are seeking out general information, so that they don’t make the same mistakes we did.


Like most websites out there, we depend on advertising to keep the wheels moving.  We make a sincere effort to ensure that the ads appearing on our site are from reputable companies that share our core values.  If there is a post that is specifically sponsored by an advertiser, we will make it abundantly clear to anyone reading it.

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